I Believe In you. 
Do You?

I Also believe in challenging the status quo of personal development!

And, I believe that every leader has limitless potential and untapped capacity.
My focus is on enabling those who desire to lead to:

1) Unlock their potential
2) Magnify their capacity
3) Conquer their fears and live true to their dreams

I view Leadership not as a mere position, but as a skill of influence that is largely untapped and underutilized.

Are you ready to say YES to more confidence, clarity and results in your personal & professional life?

Did you know….

A 40 watt light bulb scatters energy and barely lights up a small room. . .

but a laser with the same 40 watts, can burn a hole through a wall!  

When your energy, thoughts, strategies & actions are scattered, your power to achieve is divided.

But when your energy, thoughts, strategies & actions are focused,


Your ability to achieve is multiplied!
Are you ready to say YES to more confidence, clarity, & success in your life and business?

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"After my first brief session with Charity, she gave me the breakthrough I needed to get motivated and to learn the exact mechanics of what I need to be doing to grow my business.

I’m very thankful for Charity because it made all the difference in shifting my mindset in a way I couldn’t have done on my own. I highly recommend her."

-Haider K.,

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Charity Haderlie is the Mel Robbins of Idaho. She will inspire you, encourage you, and help you reach your positive potential.

She is an expert in building positive meaningful and authentic relationships through connection.

Only good things will happen when you work with her. Highly recommend her coaching services."

—Catie R.,
Entrepreneur & Mother

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Charity has made a huge impact on my life, both personally & professionally.

She has helped me to improve my perspective and has been very supportive overcoming my challenges.  

I look forward to participating in her next boot camp! Each group is a new opportunity to gain more insight and connect with more women who are also on this journey of growth & business development."

- Jeanne Bailey, J.M. Bailey Engineering, PLLC

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

I felt stuck and burnt out; spinning my wheels on vital decisions in my business and couldn't find a solution. Then I met with Charity. 

I never expected to get the results with her that I did, and certainly not as quickly as they came! 

I cannot thank Charity enough or recommend her highly enough for the priceless role she played in where I’m heading in both my personal and profession life!

-Kevin H.,
Four Falls Transportation

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Charity is a true trailblazer, relentless, and gritty with grace. 

She is a fountain of hope who is changing the world and she has beauty inside and out, but leaves everyone around her feeling like
they are the most 
beautiful person. 

"What she brings to the world will change your life!"

—Dr. Drew Brazier, 
Co-Founder MindCurrent

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Charity Haderlie knows how to ignite your soul so that you can be a champion in all aspects you aim to accomplish.

Just listen to this woman.
She will change your life!"

—Sherry Winn, 2X Olympian and Published Author

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"The value Charity can provide to any organization or person cannot be quantified. She cares about people. She wants to help others see their
true potential.

 "In a world that is full of selfies, likes, comments and superficial communication, Charity is helping teach others how to truly connect in a way that impacts lives forever."

—Elias Trejo,

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Do I recommend this phenomenal woman?! You are darn tooting!!

In one session this beautiful lady changed my life and outlook on so many different levels!!

I can’t imagine my life without her in it!! She laughed and cried with me!! I’m excited to have her in my life!! Contact her today!! You won’t be disappointed!"

-Victoria Holland, Entrepreneur, Mother & Author

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"I went to a networking event in Southeast Idaho--debating whether or not I should start a podcast. I was fearful. I was doubtful. I was unbelieving. Then I met Charity Haderlie and within just a few minutes I KNEW I needed to start my podcast!

She brings a ton of value to every conversation I have with her. I would highly recommend adding Charity to your network and jumping on any opportunity you have to work with her or be coached by her."

-Parker Kane,
Upbeat Podcast

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC

"Charity delivered way more than promised! Phenomenal presenter! 

 "Thank you so much, Charity! I can't wait to have you speak again at our big year end event!"

—Amanda Schleininger,
Co-Creating a Beautiful
Life Workshop Series

©2022 Massive Impact, LLC