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I never "feel" like exercising, or cleaning or doing the work.

But doing the work is what brings the energy to continue the work.

Don't wait until you feel like it.  Get to it!


"What Charity shares through this book and her keynote speaking are literally changing the world.

Her messages and actionable tips are a fountain of hope to those who feel stuck or who are crumbling under the pressures in life.

Give this book 30 days of determined effort and you'll experience life with more intention, clarity and focus.
You'll also find your comfort zone expanding as you accomplish more of what you want with an increased level of confidence and capacity."

-Dr. Drew Braizer, Co-founder, Mind Current

Charity delivers what most authors & speakers cannot--she delivers life-altering wisdom in a concise and clear manner. When you complete the 30 days of simple, yet powerful steps Charity has designed for you, your potential for happiness and success will dramatically increase!

—Coach Sherry Winn
2x Olympian, America's #1 Mental Push-Up Coach

"For those who have a difficult time getting things done due to distraction or self-doubt, this book will help you find clarity, direction, and the drive to move forward in life and accomplish more than ever before."

-Melinda Hortin, Social Media Personality & Account Manager, Connection Publishing

Charity explains the steps she has taken. She outlines ways to help. Then she gives you the steps and includes "workbook" pages so you can do the work for yourself.
I love being able to write my goals and the steps I want to take right in the book. I also love how she has a place for reflection every day. The questions for analyzing my goals and the efficacy of the steps I'm taking are helpful. As long as you are willing to take the steps, this book can't help but make sure you are successful.

-Jennifer Reeves, Travel Agent: Adventures Around the World


Train your brain to work for you, or it will work fiercely against you. - Charity Haderlie, Perspectives

Mindset is a Beast


Work With Me

Your whole body is listening to and responding to your thoughts. Are you repeating what the critics have said?

Never let the external critics become your internal critic. Choose to cheer yourself on! Choose to treat yourself like a friend.