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Two Secrets to Having Difficult Conversations

If you tell me your favorite color is green, should I be offended you’re not wearing an orange shirt? Is your preference for basketball proof of your hate for tennis? What if I tell you how much I love chicken? Would you be offended that I’m not advocating for fish? Of course not! It doesn’t […]

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Perfectionist Anonymous

Recovering Perfectionists, raise your hand. I’m raising both of mine! Has perfectionism served you well? No? didn’t think so. Did you know that perfectionism is an illusion? We’re often embarrassed to admit when we’re afraid, but many of us openly identify as perfectionists.   Contrary to popular belief, it is fear, not perfectionism, that sits next […]

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Beyond the Corona Quarantine?

We’ve all been forced to adjust schedules,trim back or stay home from work,homeschool our kids, lose income,search for toilet paper, and the list goes on…. It feels like everything is frozen,like the world has stopped,Yet our uncertainty has increased! It is surreal and feels crazy too!😖🤯It’s a lot for all of us tocope with and […]

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The Lies We Tell

My daughter was a preemie and it took years for her weight to even register on the pediatric charts. Somehow she learned to say when she gets on the scale, “Look how many points I am!”  Recently she bragged to my husband, “Dad!!! I’m 50 points!! Come and see this!”  👏 She stepped onto the […]

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Say Yes, Then Figure it Out

Years ago, a friend asked me to speak to her women’s group.  She knew I had joined a public speaking club called Toastmasters and had heard one of my speeches. I told her I had a few 7-10 minutes speeches I had given, but nothing that could take the whole hour!  I insisted on being […]

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