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Breaking Down Walls and Building Connection

I grew up on a diverse street where my family was the minority.  It never bothered me or even crossed my mind, but I had many encounters with those who did seem to be bothered by others who were not the same as they were. As a little girl, I loved orchestrating various human endeavors.  […]

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A Beautiful Mess

A brilliant sky, sunset pastel, golden grain sways amid breeze.   Family of six makes way for a photo, cute outfits, not picked with ease. Relief for the parents-no wee ones in tow-4 kids, adolescent to teens. “Hooray!”  We both think, not a tantrum in sight, all calm as our family convenes.   New pet […]

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One Step Enough For Me

Sometimes I get impatient because I want to take a flying leap up the figurative staircase to the next level!  As I look back on how many times I fell flat on my face and then became discouraged or overwhelmed. . . .  I am reminding myself to be content with taking one step at […]

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7 ways to get connected in a disconnected world

Today is International Women’s Day. The call this year is #pressforprogress. I pondered what that would mean to me. Where would I like to see progress in a disconnected world? Growing up, I remember a relative storming to our front door and challenging me. I’d been seen with someone that they had considered to be […]

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Advocating For Connection

Lives that hang in the balance just may wait another day, and then another and yet another until they no longer have the desire to end it, because they feel connected and understood.  Is it possible that truly connecting is more powerful than we realize? I think it is. It’s been seven years since my […]

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