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Two Secrets to Having Difficult Conversations

If you tell me your favorite color is green, should I be offended you’re not wearing an orange shirt? Is your preference for basketball proof of your hate for tennis? What if I tell you how much I love chicken? Would you be offended that I’m not advocating for fish? Of course not! It doesn’t […]

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Remember when the world was going to end?

Remember when the world was
going to shut down because of

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Formula for Growth

There’s a formula that is as true for athletes as it is for non athletes:

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The answer is both within us and between us

I love this quote by Dr. Joan Cacciatore: “There is no pharmacy that can fill the need for compassionate interaction with others. There is no panacea. The answer to human suffering is both within us and between us.” I do believe that if we are willing to connect with others compassionately and genuinely seek to […]

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Listening to Understand

From the playground to the political arena, we see examples daily of people fighting to be right rather than seeking to learn from each other and to connect.  I wanted to share a quote with you from a book I am writing entitled, “The Language of Humanity.” “We are all pieces of the same puzzle.  […]

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